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Star of Hope Transformation Center (SHTC) believes in and is engaged in transforming the community’s view of gender-based violence, rehabilitating women and empowering them to earn their own income by training them on how to make products from waste.

Olutosin Adebowale is the founder and engine room behind Star of Hope Transformation Center (SHTC).


Olutosin AdebowaleTransformation Center.

Olutosin has devoted her life to gender equality and the elimination of violence against women. Through her extensive work with women who are survivors of domestic violence she has gained a deep understanding for their situation and the problems that they face in their communities. By combining her knowledge and passion for women’s rights with her skills in craft making she takes an innovative and constructive approach to women’s empowerment by using “turn trash to treasure, turn abused women into assets” as a motto to guide her work.

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  • Establish a Rape Prevention Response Centre.
  • Build a Woman Transformative Centre with special focus on practical gender medical needs and strategic gender interests.
  • Training of women in various skills acquisition such as tailoring, tie & dye, making cooking bag production, etc.
  • Become a bridge between endowed individuals and organisations and  less priviledged women and children who need resources for development, social and emotional support.
  • To build focus groups among indigent women in order to achieve well rounded friendships through networking and collaborations.
  • To build a strong Life Skills Centre for survival of children.